Benefits At a Glance

Retirees that are eligible to continue their medical insurance must meet all the following conditions:

  • On the date of retirement has a minimum of 15 years continuous active service
  • On the date of retirement has attained 55 years of age or older
  • Elects to contribute to the Plan the required monthly premium contribution shown in the table below
  • Retiree medical insurance ends on the day the retiree or spouse turns age 65 or becomes eligible for Medicare, whichever is earlier.

2023-24 Monthly Premiums

Years of Service 15-20 21-24 25+
Full Amount Emp. Portion Emp. Portion Emp. Portion
Employee Only $656.80 $328.40 $262.72 $164.20
Employee & Spouse $1,603.70 $801.85 $641.48 $400.93
Spouse Only $857.90 $428.95 $343.16 $214.48

Clinic Usage for Retirees

Retirees and spouses who have current coverage under the County’s medical plan are eligible to use the Clinic.

Also, Retirees who retired from Troup County from 2001 – current and who completed at least 15 years of service and are at least 55 or older are eligible.

Please contact the Human Resources Office for further details on Retiree Medical Insurance.