Benefits at a Glance

Employees may elect Long-term Disability with a benefit of 60% of pre-disability earnings, to a maximum of $6,000 per month. LTD is designed to start after 6 months (when Short Term Disability Benefits end) and continue as long as you are disabled up to normal retirement age

Plan Details

There is a 180 day elminiation period (or waiting period) before Benefits can be payable.

Benefits coordinate with Family Social Security, Workers Compensation or and other employer sponsored group insurance.

Pre-existing Limitation – 3/12

The policy will not cover any condition which was caused by, or results from a Sickness or Injury for which the employee receives medical treatment, or advice was rendered, prescribed or recommended whether or not the sickness was diagnosed at all or misdiagnosed within 3 months prior to the employee’s effective date; and which results in a Disability in the first 12 months after the employee’s effective date.

Certificate of Coverage

Refer to the STANDARD LTD CERTIFICATE for exact plan details and limitations.

Amendment 1 – Premium Grace Period

Amendment 2 – Removes limitation for Safety Officers

Amendment 3 – Hours/Waiting Period


Rates are based on your age and salary as of the benefit effective date. Rates will change due to age change and salary on the next anniversary date of the plan.