Benefits At a Glance

Feature Description
Deductible $50 Individual
$150 Family
Annual Maximum Benefit $1,500 per insured

EBMS is the third party administrator for the County’s Dental Plan.

There is not a network of dentists for the County’s Dental Insurance plan.  You may use any dentist of your choice.


Coverage Rates
Employee $21.08
Family $48.52

Children can be covered to age 26, regardless of student status

Late Entrant Penalty

Basic, Major Services and Orthodontic Services have a 24 month waiting period for late entrants.  Late entrants are employees or dependents who do not apply for coverage when first eligible, then apply at a later date.

Preventative Services

Paid at 100% with No Deductible

  • Routine Oral Exams – Limit 2 per year
  • Prophylaxis – Limit 2 per year
  • Dental X-Rays – Limit Full Mouth one every 3 years
  • Bitewing X-rays Limit 2 per year
  • Fluoride Treatments for Children under age 15 only
  • Sealants – Ages 6 to 18 only – Limit of one per tooth every three years
  • Diagnostic Casts
  • Pulp Vitality Testing – One per year

Basic Services

Paid at 80% after deductible

  • Simple Extractions
  • Fillings – Silver amalgam & tooth colored materials
  • Oral Surgery – Limited (See Medical & Dental Plan Booklet & obtain per- determination)
  • Palliative Emergency Treatment – One visit per occurrence
  • Occlusal Guards – Limited to one per lifetime
  • Periodontics Services – treatment of disease of the tissue and bone structures supporting teeth
  • Periodontal Prophylaxis – not to exceed 2 per calendar year combined with those provided under Preventive/Diagnostic prophylaxis benefits
  • Endodontic – prevention/treatment of diseases of the dental pulp and surrounding periapical structures
  • Other Visits and Exams

Major Services

Paid at 50% after deductible

  • Inlays & Crowns
  • Dentures – full and partial
  • Dentures – including Rebasing or Relining
  • Bridges – fixed and removable
  • Repair of Fixed Bridges
  • Repair of Removable Dentures
  • RE-cement Crowns and Bridges

Orthodontic Services

Paid at 50% after deductible

  • Only applies to dependents up to age 19
  • Lifetime maximum benefit of $1,000

Certificate of Coverage

Review the Plan Document and Summary Plan Description for Medical & Dental plan details.
Dental starts on page 60 of the SPD.

Dental Summary of Benefits Coverage

Contact the third party administrator

EMBS has an online portal called miBenefits, as well as an app, that employees can use to review claims or benefits.  Information on how to set up your miBenefits account will be included when you receive your new ID Card.  Log on to or utilize the APP for hands-on benefits information.