For prescriptions filled through retail pharmacies you can reduce your copayment amount by going to one of the preferred pharmacies.

Non-Preferred: CVS, Rite Aid, Sam’s, Target, Walgreens & Wal-Mart

Preferred: All those that are not listed as “non-preferred”

If you use a retail pharmacy (outside of WeCare Clinic), you need to show your new ID card which identifies the pharmacy benefit manager ProCareRX

There is no longer Mail Order, but you can fill a 90-day prescription at a preferred pharmacy.

Veracity Benefits is a consulting service for any plan members using a Tier 4 or specialty drug. A patient advocate will be assigned to assist those employees.  They will work with you to receive your Tier 4 or specialty medication at the lowest possible cost. You will be contacted if you are currently taking a Tier 4 or specialty medication to ensure a smooth transition.

Pharmacy Concierge Services through Veracity Benefits.  Specialty medications are covered only in cooperation with our Pharmacy Concierge Service.  A Pharmacy Concierge, who is a registered pharmacist, will work with our employees and/or their dependents who are taking a specialty medication, the specialty medication manufacturer, and other entities to maintain the prescriptions while alleviating the financial burden.  They have vast experience in the pharmaceutical field which serves as a tremendous resource for our members. The program allows employees to continue to fill Specialty medications in most cases at no cost, but never more than they are currently paying.

See the Prescription Formulary Tab for specific details

Generic Drug Savings Information

Many brand name drugs are coming off patent protection and generic drugs at significant savings are available.  The links below provide information on the generic availability and potential savings.

Drugs with Generic Alternative

Drugs coming off Patent

Vericaty Formulary 2023 – Designates Tiers and Specialty status

30-Day Supply Tier 1
Preferred Generics
Tier 2
Preferred Brands
Tier 3
Non-Preferred Generics & Brands
Tier 4
Non-Covered Drugs at Discounted Rate
WeCare Clinic Using the SaveRx Card when processed through WeCare and filled at a Preferred Pharmacy there is No Charge. Not available Not available
Preferred Pharmacies $15 copay

(90-day supply $45)

$50 copay

(90-day supply $150)

$100 copay

(90-day supply $300)

Member Pays
100% of
Discounted Price After Manufacturer Assistance.
Non-Preferred Pharmacies $35 copay $70 copay $120 copay Member Pays
100% of
Discounted Price After Manufacturer Assistance.

Non-Preferred: CVS, Rite Aid, Sam’s, Target, Walgreens & Wal-Mart

Preferred: All those that are not listed as “non-preferred”

Sav-RX is being used to replace The WeCare Clinic Dispensary. Legislation in Georgia has changed regarding dispensed medications, prescription medications may no longer be dispensed at Health Centers.

Sav-RX will allow you to pick up your WeCare prescribed medications through a local pharmacy at no cost.
Sav-RX Program allows for some added benefits:
1. Expanded Availability: this new process will allow for greater flexibility in picking up your prescriptions with extended hours for those partnering pharmacies.
2. Seamless Coordination: Our clinic will work closely with the Sav-RX pharmacy partners to ensure that your prescriptions are promptly transmitted, and any necessary adjustments are communicated seamlessly.

In order to continue to receive your medications, the following process will take place:

  • WeCare will provide you with instructions on how to access your card via a portal or may print one in the office at your next visit.
  • You have an appointment with WeCare and medication is prescribed (or an outside prescription is approved).
  • WeCare confirms the preferred pharmacy and sends the prescription electronically for pick up.
  • The WeCare team will ensure the patient has the printed card and/or the portal instructions to access the e-card are available.
  • You go the selected pharmacy and presents the Sav-RX card or e-card and picks up the medication at no cost.

Note: Only the medications available on the existing formulary will be available through this process. This is not a pharmacy discount card or insurance, and nothing will be billed to the patient or insurance plan.