Benefits At a Glance

Employee can choose to elect a Guarantee Issue, No Pre-Existing Condition, no Waiting Period, Hospital Plan. The benefit pays a daily rate for hospital confinements. This is independent of Medical Insurance, with benefit payments going directly to the insured.

Brochure of Hospital Benefits


Coverage Bi Weekly
Employee $7.68
Employee & Spouse $13.13
Employee & Children $11.02
Family $19.51

Children are covered from birth through age 25. Your child(ren) can not be covered by more than one employee. Your Spouse/Child(ren) may not be full time members of the armed forces. You cannot be insured as both an individual and a dependent.

Plan Details

Benefit Payment
Hospital Admission * $1,000 per day
Daily Hospital Confinement * $200 per day
Daily Critical Care Unit Confinement * ** $250 per day
Health Maintenance Screening $50 per calendar year

* Defined as a stay for at least 20 concecutive hours in a hospital setting

** Payable in addition to the Hospital Admissions and/or Daily Hospital Confinement benefit you may be eligible to receive.


Claim Form


You can continue this coverage through direct bill if your employment ends, the group policy terminates or your insurance ends because you no longer meet the eligibility requirement.

Certificate of Coverage

Group Policy Number #145657

Certificate of Coverage


Benefits are not payable for injury or sickness caused or contributed by any of the following:

  • War or any act of war
  • Attempted suicide or other intentionally self-inflicted injury while sane or insane
  • Committing or attempting to commit an assualt, felony or act of terrorism
  • Active participation in a violent disorder or riot
  • Alcoholism, drug abuse, mususe or alcohol or any other subatance in excess of the legal limit, unless used in the directions of a healthcare provider
  • Travel or flight, except as a farepaying passenger on a commercial aircraft
  • Cosmetic Surgery or other procedure to improve appearance, unless correcting or restoring bodily function resulting from an injury or sickness
  • Any injury or sickness which arises out of or in the course of you or your dependent being incarcerated in a jail, penal or correctional institution
  • Dental care or dental procedure, unless treatment is the result of an injury
  • Routine newborn nursing or well-baby care
  • Hospital confinement of a newborn child following the childs birth unless as a result of injury or sickness
  • Riding or drivign any automobile in a race, stunt show or speet test