Benefits at a Glance

Disability is available to all eligible employees working 20 hours or more per week.

Semi Monthly Rates

Rates are per $100/monthly benefit.

Elimination Plan 1
payable to
age 65/SSNRA
Plan 2
payable for
5 years ADEA
14 days $2.03 $1.50
30 days $1.79 $1.265
60 days $1.07 $0.825
90 days $0.615 $0.455
180 days $0.45 $0.32

See the Calculator for Monthly Benefit Cost


Employee can choose their benefit level, not to exceed 66.67% of earnings, choose from 5 different elimination periods (or number of days before an employee can file for the benefit) and between two different durations (how long the benefit it payments will last).

Benefits Summary for Disability

Definition of Disability

One who, because of an illness or injury, is unable to perform all the material duties of his/her regular occupation; and who, after receiving monthly benefits for 24 months, is unable to perform all the material duties of any occupation for which he/she may reasonably become qualified based on education, training or experience.  An employee engaged in any occupation for pay or profit is not considered to be disabled.

Plan 1 Maximum Benefit Period

The following table shows Social Security Normal Retirement Age/SSNRA

Birth Year SSNRA Birth Year SSNRA
before 1938 65 1955 66 & 2 mo.
1938 65 & 2 mo. 1956 66 & 4 mo.
1939 65 & 4 mo. 1957 66 & 6 mo.
1940 65 & 6 mo. 1958 66 & 8 mo.
1941 65 & 8 mo. 1959 66 & 10 mo.
1942 65 & 10 mo. 1960 67 years
1943-54 66 years after 1960 67 years

For a disability which starts on or after you reach age 60, the maximum period of payment will be determined according to the following table age at disability and maximum period.

Age Max Age Max
60 60 Mo./SSNRA 65 24 mo.
61 48 Mo./SSNRA 66 21 mo.
62 42 Mo./SSNRA 67 18 mo.
63 36 Mo./SSNRA 68 15 mo.
64 30 Mo./SSNRA 69 +  12 mo.

Plan 2 Maximum Benefit Period

Age at Disability Max Benefit Period
under 65 5 years
65 – 69 to age 70
but not less than 1 year
70 and over 1 year

Plan Details

Choose the Monthly Benefit up to 66.67% of salary/maximum of $7,500/mo. in $100 increments

Choose the number of days you must be out of work before you become benefit eligible.  Options are 14, 30, 60, 90 or 180 days. You must use sick leave before the insurance benefit.

Choose between two benefit periods: 5 years ADEA or to age 65 SSNRA* (See table below).

Maternity Benefits: Paid the same as for an illness

Integration of Benefits: The benefit amount is reduced by other income payable for that same disability (Sick Leave, Workers Compensation, other group disability insurance and employer or government retirement benefits, including State Merit disability benefits).  However, the minimum monthly benefit is $200.

Survivor Benefits: If you are disabled for 90 days and a monthly benefit is payable at the time of your death, your survivor will receive a lump sum of 3 months benefit.

Pre-existing Conditions / Exclusions

Employees who choose to enroll or increase their benefit amount will be subject to pre-existing limitations as defined below.

Pre-existing Condition: Any condition, including pregnancy, for which medical advice, care, diagnosis or treatment was recommended or received, or for which prescription drugs were taken, within 3 months before coverage begins, will not be covered for 12 months.

Exclusions: Benefits are not paid to a disabled employee who is not under the care of a licensed physician, or whose disability is the result of a self-inflicted injury, or an act or hazard of declared or undeclared war. Disabilities caused by pre-existing conditions are not covered, unless the disability begins more than 12 months after the effective date of coverage.

Claim Process

Intake Brochure – This document provides information on how an employee and the employer can contact NewYork Life to initiate a Disability claim, and also provides an overview of the claims process.

Online: Register Your Account First. Then choose Coverage>Disability (print your confirmation page)

By Phone: 888.842.4462 7AM – 7PM CST

Questions about Leave?

Please contact Sandra Baxter by phone: 478-765-8558 or email:

Frequently Asked Questions about filing claims