MetLife is the Dental Carrier for Bibb County Schools. There is a single dental plan offered with enhanced benefits.

2024 Summary of Benefits At A Glance


RATES – Effective January 1, 2024

Employee Only
Semi Monthly
Semi Monthly
$15.00 $43.72

If both parents are employees, only one parent can cover unmarried children to age 26 and employees cannot be covered as both an employee and a dependent.


2024 Summary of Benefits 

Summary including Exclusions and FAQ

Changes Effective January 1, 2024 are:

  • Exams/Cleanings- 1 in 6 months vs 2 in 12 months
  • Bitewing X-Rays- 1 in a year vs 2 in a year
  • Full Mouth X-Rays – 1 in 5 years Basic vs 1 in 3 years Preventive
  • Out of Network coverage will reduce to 80% Usual and Customary from 90% UCR

Other Plan Information

  • Annual maximum is $1,500
  • Preventive Care does not count toward the annual maximum
  • Adult orthodontics has been added- $1,000 Lifetime Maximum
  • Large Nationwide Network – PDP Plus
  • Deductible Carryover (deductible paid in Oct-Dec will be credited to the following year)

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MetLife Providers – PDP Plus Network

There are thousands of general dentists and specialists to choose from nationwide –so you are sure to find one that meets your needs. You can receive a list of these participating dentists online at www.metlife.com/mybenefits or call 1-800-438-6388 to have a list faxed or mailed to you.

You are always free to select the dentist of your choice. However, if you choose a non-participating dentist your out-of-pocket costs may be higher.

If your current dentist does not participate in the network and you would like to encourage him/her to apply, ask your dentist to visit http://www.metdental.com or call 1-866-PDP-NTWK for an application. NOTE: the website and phone number are for use by dental professionals only.

MetLife can help find a dentist outside of the U.S. if you are traveling

Through international dental travel assistance services* you can obtain a referral to a local dentist by calling +1-312-356-5970 (collect) when outside the U.S. to receive immediate care until you can see your dentist. Coverage will be considered under your out-of-network benefits.

** Please remember to hold on to all receipts to submit a dental claim.



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Summary of Plans offered

Certificate of Coverage

Employee Certificate of Coverage – includes plan details and limitations

Employee Certificate of Coverage effective 1/1/2024

ID Cards – or Download the MetLife App

Generic ID Card

MetLife ID Cards are mailed to employees home address. You do not need a card for benefits; however, employees can register and print an ID card online through https://online.metlife.com/ (Search for Bibb County Public Schools) – REGISTER for your account first.

Employees can use the MetLife Mobile App – Search MetLife Dental from the APP Store