Benefits at a Glance

Each eligible employee can select Whole Life Insurance with Long Term Care Rider on themselves, spouse and/or children. The policy is insured by Voya (formerly ING Reliastar)


Rates are based on age, amount and tobacco status. See a benefits counselor for details.


Policy Amounts and Guarantee Issue

Employee * Guarantee Issue: 15 to 50- $75,000; 51 to 65- $25,000
Contingent Issue: 66 to 70- $25,000
Spouse Contingent Issue: 15 to 65 <$5/week or $5,000
Children / Grandchildren Contingent Issue: 15 days to 24- $12,500;
$15,000, $20,000 or $25,000

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Amounts Above Guaranteed/Contingent Issue, are available with additional underwriting.

*Minimum: Greater of $4/week premium or $5,000

Contingent Issue – coverage is issued subject to the following questions:

  1. Has the proposed insured ever been diagnosed and/or treated for positive HIV or AIDS?
  2. Has the proposed insured sought or received care or treatment at a hospital, nursing home or has confinement been recommended (excluding pregnancy), within the last 90 days?

Plan is insured by:

Plan Design

Whole Life insurance is permanent coverage with death benefits and level premiums guaranteed for the life of the contract. Premiums do not increase with age. Employee is the owner of the policy and the coverage can be continued after retirement or termination of employment, with the same benefits and costs.

Employee Education Site – Whole Life

Prior Life Coverage

Some employees may have purchased Life Insurance through AllState/American Heritage. Plan information can be obtained through contacting Customer Service at 800-521-3535. The issuing agent is the only 3rd party that will have access to plan information.