You have 2 places to enroll for benefits

Coweta County Benefits and State Health Medical/ADP 

Self Service can be completed through the Enrollment Portal

Coweta County Benefits

Employees that have created an account:

Returning users:

  • Log in with the username and password you selected. Click Reset a forgotten password.

Employees who are first time users:

  • Click on your Registration Link in the email sent to you Register as a new user.
  • Company Identified is CowetaCountySchools
  • Create an account, and create your own username and password.

Employees should re-enroll and verify benefits every annual enrollment period to verify the correct beneficiary and dependents, including elected coverage(s).

What happens if you take no action?

You will miss out on any new offerings or benefit changes. Medical Flexible Spending and Dependent Daycare Accounts will not be reenrolled.

If there are rate or carrier changes, you will continue to be enrolled in the same benefits/plans with the new benefits information. Changes will be allowed at the next Annual Enrollment unless there is a Qualifying Event during the year.

Medical Specific Benefits

Medical Elections must be completed within 1 month of your START date through the State Health ADP Website:

New Employees to State Heath?

  • The first time you access the site, you will be required to create a User Name and Password.
  • Use this log-in information any time you visit the site for quick and easy access.
  • Go to the SHBP site:
  1. Click “Register Here
  2. Enter the SHBP Registration Code: SHBP-GA
  3. Follow the steps to create your User Name and Password.
  4. Set up your password hints and security questions/responses
  5. Provide your e-mail address where you will receive important benefits information.
  6. Enter your Activation Code from your registration email or mobile phone number.
  7. Review and Submit to complete the Registration
  8. Use your newly created User Name and Password to log in
  9. Proceed with Open Enrollment selections

SHBP Medical Information Page:

SHBP Member Services: 1-800-610-1863

See the SHBP Medical Provider Options for contact, rates and other information.

  • PRINT your confirmation statement for verification of Medical Election.

What happens if you take no action?

If SHBP does not receive an election from you through the website, or by contacting SHBP Member Services and you are enrolled, you will remain in your current Plan Option and Tier with your current Medical Claims Administrator. If you paid a Tobacco Surcharge, it will continue to apply.