Disability is Income Protection if you are unable to work due to an accident or serious illness.

Monthly Rates

Payroll deduction costs are based on employee age as of January 1st of each year and the percentage of earnings selected per the below chart. Rates represent Monthly Cost per $100 of Salary.

50% Plan
60% Plan
Under 30 $.068 $.102
30 – 39 $.128 $.204
40 – 44 $.213 $.332
45 – 59 $.332 $.527
50 – 54 $.442 $.697
55 + $.536 $.850


Employees can select a benefit equal to either 50% or 60% of pre-disability earnings. The maximum Long-term benefit is $6,000 per month.  Benefits begin the 181st day of disability or after 6 months with benefits payable until you are no longer disabled or at normal social security retirement age.

Refer to the 50% LTD Summary of Benefits or the 60% LTD Summary of Benefits for a general description of the plan

Benefit Duration

Benefits continue as long as disabled up to age 65. If you become disabled after age 60, benefits continue per the below ADEA schedule:

Age at
Benefit Period
Age at
Benefit Period
below 61 to age 65 65 24 months
61 48 months 66 21 months
62 42 months 67 18 months
63 36 months 68 15 months
64 30 months 69 + 12 months

The benefit amount is reduced by other income payable for that same disability (Workers Compensation, other group disability insurance and employer or government retirement benefits, including Social Security, Teachers’ Retirement Plan and Public School Employee’s retirement plan disability benefits).

Benefits are not paid to a disabled employee who is not under the care of a licensed physician, or whose disability is the result of a self-inflicted injury or an act or hazard of declared or undeclared war.

Disabilities caused by pre-existing conditions* are not covered, unless the disability begins more than 12 months after the effective date of coverage.

Evidence of Insurability – Not needed

Employees electing Long-term Disability coverage during annual enrollment will NOT need to complete and submit an evidence of insurability. The benefit, including increases will only be subject to the pre-existing condition limitation*.

Pre-existing Limitation

A pre-existing illness is defined as an illness or injury for which the insured has received advice, treatment medication, or consultation during the 12 months preceding the effective date.  The pre-existing limitation provides that LTD benefits are not paid for a disability caused by a pre-existing condition for the first 12 months from the effective date.

This provision applies to employees moving from 50% coverage to 60% coverage during annual enrollment and timely entrants/new hires electing coverage.

Certificate of Coverage

Refer to your certificate of coverage or the master policy contract for exact provisions and specifications.

50% Long Term Disabilty Certificate – Lincoln Financial

60% Long Term Disabilty Certificate – Lincoln Financial