Basic Group Life

Premiums are paid 100% by the Coweta County Board of Education.

Amount of coverage is equal to one time your annual salary, rounded up to the next higher $1,000.

Maximum amount provided is $50,000.


Refer to the Summary of Benefits for Group Life Plan Details.

Board Members Summary of Benefits for Group Life Plans

Age Reductions

Amounts of coverage reduce with age as follows:

At Age 70 – benefit reduces to 50% of insurance in-force


Coverage terminates upon termination of employment or eligibility, retirement or termination of the group policy

Employees may convert their group life insurance coverage to a whole life individual policy without Evidence of Insurability.

Plan Design

It includes an equal amount of Accidental Death and Dismemberment.

It Includes an Accelerated Death Benefit which allows you to receive up to 50% of your Basic Group Life coverage in the event of a terminal illness. Terminally ill employees must have at least $10,000 of coverage.

A Premium Waiver Provision is included which will allow coverage to be continued without premium payment until age 70 or retirement, whichever is earlier, if an employee becomes totally and permanently disabled prior to age 60.

Seat Belt benefit for AD&D pays an additional 10% of coverage, if death occurs in an automobile accident while wearing a seat belt.
Seat Belt and Air Bag benefit for AD&D pays an additional 15% of coverage, if a seat belt and an air bag were in place and inflated on impact.

Certificate of Coverage

Refer to your certificate of coverage or the master policy contract for exact provisions and specifications.

Active Employee Certificate of Coverage – Lincoln Financial

Board Members Certificate of Coverage – Lincoln Financial

Claims / Contact

Beneficiaries receive a complimentary interest-bearing checking account or may select an alternate settlement option.

Coweta County will initiate the Proof of Death Claim through the Portal

Registration Code COWETA

Review the status of claims through the Lincoln Portal

Questions or contact:
1-877-321-1015, Group Number is SA3-890-LF0384-01