Benefits at a Glance

A policy that pays an immediate lump sum benefit, upon diagnosis of a covered illness.

The policy is a supplement to your medical plan.  It is designed as a limited benefit policy designed to help a family navigate back to health & work with a less stressful recovery.

Employee Benefit Resource Center- Critical Illness


Rates are based on:

  • Age at time of Policy Issue Date (January 1)
  • Amount of Coverage Elected
  • Tobacco Status
  • Rates do not increase with age

Rate charts are included in the Critical Illness brochure.

What Illness’ Are Covered Under the Plan?

Critical Illness Insurance provides benefits for the covered conditions and diagnoses shown below. The most common conditions we pay claims for include heart attack, kidney failure, stroke, and coronary artery bypass. A more detailed schedule of benefits is listed in the Critical Illness brochure.


2 X Payment for Each Covered Illness.
12 month waiting between subsequent (same) diagnosis, 0 month between different diagnosis
Additional Child illness included in the Child Module

Critical Illness brochure

Plan Design

Employees can choose coverage amount of $5,000, $10,000 or $20,000.

Spouses can choose coverage amount of $5,000 or $10,000. Children coverage amount is $2,500.

All policies are Guarantee Issue for Employee, Spouse, and Child coverage with no Pre-Existing limitation.

Employee must have coverage to elect coverage on the Spouse and/or children. The elected coverage will reduce to 50% at age 70.

$100 will be paid annually as a Wellness Benefit when filed, and is included on Employee & Spouse Policies for wellness checkups.  A $50 Wellness Benefit is payable for Child(ren) for Child Coverage Wellness Checkups.

Continuation after Employment

Coverage can be ported (continued on direct pay from home) if requested within 31 days from termination of benefit.

Certificate of Coverage

Critical Illness Certificate of Coverage

Review the Certificate of Coverage for exact plan details, limitations, exclusions and definitions.
Endorsement A 20 hours, Endorsement B Board Members