Dependent Life

Eligible Employees & Active Board Members may elect seperate benefits on Spouse and Children. This insurance is paid for, by you, through payroll deduction.

Employees and Dependents can not be double covered. If both parents are employees of Coweta County Schools, only one parent can cover the children.  Also, coverage can not cover both as an Employee and Spouse.

Summary of Dependent Life Coverage avaialble with Coweta County Schools.


Spouse Supplemental Life Insurance may be elected from $10,000 to $150,000 in $10,000 increments not to exceed your approved employee Supplemental Life Insurance amount.

As a new hire or when first eligible, you may elect up to $50,000 without providing evidence of insurability on your spouse.

Spouse can increase 2 increments each enrollment without EOI to Gurantee Issue amount.

If your spouse is covered under the policy as an employee, then your spouse is not eligible for coverage under the spouse benefit. Coverage is available only if Employee Supplemental Life Insurance is elected.

Rates for Spouse life are the same as Employee Supplemental Life Insurance.

Dependent Child(ren) Coverage

Children Supplemental Life can be elected for $5,000, or $10,000

Your children—unmarried child from birth to age 26.

If both you and your spouse are covered under the policy as employees, then only one, but not both, may cover the same children under the children’s rider/benefit. If the parent who is covering the children stops being insured as an employee, then the other parent may apply for children’s coverage.

The cost of coverage is $2.00/month for $5,000 and $4.00/month for $10,000.

Certificate of Coverage

Refer to your certificate of coverage or the master policy contract for exact provisions and specifications.

Active Employee Certificate of Coverage – Lincoln Financial

Board Members Certificate of Coverage – Lincoln Financial

Prior Carrier Certificate of Coverage

Employee Supplemental Life Prior certificate of coverage with Voya