Benefits at a Glance

Compass Accident Insurance can help you offset the costs associated with a covered accident. It provides fixed benefits for events tied to that accident.  The benefits can be used for any purpose you choose, including things like health insurance deductibles, co payments, child-care, or home health care.

Voya Employee Resource Center- Accident


Coverage Monthly
Employee $11.99
Employee & Spouse $15.84
Employee & Children $22.24
Employee & Family $26.09

Employee can choose to cover spouse and child(ren).

Compass Accident Level 4 Details

Accident Guide for Employees

Optional benefits and riders include:

Initial Doctor Visit X-ray benefit
Urgent Care Facility Treatment Outpatient Surgery benefit
Emergency Room Treatment Major Diagnostic Exams
Follow up Treatment Sports Accident Benefit
Chiropractic Treatment Rehabilitation Facility Confinement
Physicial or Occupational Therapy Critical Care Unit Confinement
Speech Therapy Family Care benefit
Wellness Benefit Ground/Air Ambulance

Policy Details

Spouse coverage is available, as long as the employee is covered and the Spouse coverage is issued while the spouse is under age 70.

Child coverage is available for unmarried natural, adopted or stepchildren of the employee from birth to 26 years as long as the employee is covered.


$50 will be paid annually as a Wellness Benefit when filed, and is included on Employee & Spouse Policies for wellness checkups.  A $25 Wellness Benefit is payable for Child(ren) for Child Coverage Wellness Checkups.

Travel Assistance Services

When traveling more than 100 miles from home, whether domestic or international travel, Voya Travel Assistance provides eligible participants four types of services:

  1. Emergency  Transportation Services
  2. Medical Assistance Services
  3. Emergency Personal Services, and
  4. Pre-trip Information

See the Summary of Travel Services for additional details



If you need further assistance, contact Voya Claims at 1-888-238-4840 between the hours of 9:00am and 6:30pm EST Monday through Friday.