Benefits at a Glance

Coverage is designed to protect you while you are an employee of Coweta County School System and will terminate at retirement, termination of employment or eligibility, or discontinuance of the group policy in whole or in part.

Monthly Premiums

Employee and Spouse rates are listed below:

Age Rate per $10,000
Under 35 $0.50
35 – 39 $0.75
40 – 44 $1.25
45 – 49 $2.00
50 – 54 $2.75
55 – 59 $4.13
60 – 64 $5.13
65 – 69 $8.63
70 + $13.38


Refer to the Optional Life Summary of Benefits for Group Life Plan Details.

Age Reductions

Amounts of coverage reduce with age as follows:

At age 70, benefit reduces to 50% of insurance in-force.

Plan Design

Accelerated Death Benefit: If you are diagnosed with a terminal illness with a limited life expectancy, you may receive a portion of your death benefit while still living. This benefit is available to employees only.

Continuation: If on an approved absence from work, you may continue your life insurance coverage under the employer’s group policy for a set amount of time. Premiums must be paid during this time.

Conversion: You, your spouse and/or your children may convert life insurance coverage to an individual whole life insurance policy when you leave your employer or due to loss of eligibility under the employer’s group policy.

Portability: You may apply to continue your Supplemental coverage when you leave your current employer, and pay premiums to the insurance company directly. Port Rates are not the same as active rates and will increase as you get older. Frequently Asked Questions

Waiver of Premium: If you become unable to work due to total disability, your Basic and Supplemental Life Insurance can be continued without premium payment. This benefit is available to employees only.

Evidence of Insurability

During an employee’s first 30 days of employment, coverage up to $300,000 can be issued without evidence of insurability and spouse coverage has $50,000 Guarantee Issue with $150,000 Maximum

In subsequent Annual Enrollment periods, employees may increase their coverage by $20,000 without evidence of insurability up to a maximum coverage of $300,000, including $0 to $20,000 or any $20,000 increase. Spouse can increase two increments ($20,000) each enrolment to the GI

Existing employees with no current Group Supplemental Life must provide evidence of insurability for any amount applied for during Open Enrollment periods.

Certificate of Coverage

Refer to your certificate of coverage or the master policy contract for exact provisions and specifications.

Active Employee Certificate of Coverage – Lincoln Financial

Board Members Certificate of Coverage – Lincoln Financial