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Heard County Schools System provides two Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA’s) – the Health Care Account and the Dependent Child Care Account. Flexible Spending Accounts provide a way to pay for certain unreimbursed health care (Medical FSA) and dependent childcare expenses (Dependent FSA) with tax-free dollars. How?  You contribute before-tax dollars directly from your pay to either or both Flexible Spending Accounts.  Why?  Because you save money, since the contributions are made before taxes.  On average, every $1.00 you contribute to an FSA will only impact your take home pay by $0.70.  These dollars are then used to pay for eligible expenses.

Members can use these accounts to purchase over-the-counter (OTC) medicines that had previously required a prescription.
They can also use the accounts to purchase menstrual products.

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Dependent Care FSA Information

Plan Year Maximums

The FSA Plan deduction starts on June 30th payroll. The Plan year is June 1 – May 31.

2023-24 maximum is $3,050 = $254.16/pay period
Medical FSA has a  Rollover feature where unused funds of $50 up to $570 for 2023 and $610 for 2024 will ‘roll’ to the next plan year.
2024-25 maximum is $3,200 = $266.67/pay period
Medical FSA has a  Rollover feature of up to 20% of the annual maximum, or $640.


$5,000 for Dependent Care ($2,500 if married and filing separate returns) – $416.66 per monthly pay period.
Dependent Daycare Accounts are ‘use it or lose it’ as dictated by the IRS.

Reminder: Health Care Accounts and Child Care Accounts are completely separate. You cannot use money set aside in your Health Care account for Child Care expenses and vice versa.

How it Works

Here’s how it works

Works just like a regular bank debit card, only the “bank account” consists of funds you have set aside in your Health Care or Child Care FSA accounts.  Your  entire FSA Health Care balance will be usable on June 1st of each year.  Dependent Care amounts are only available as monthly deductions are made from your paycheck.

  • You enroll in one or both of the FSA plans during annual Open Enrollment
  • Deductions are made on a “pre-tax” basis from each paycheck
  • Incur an eligible expense and pay the provider with your Debit Card
  • If an eligible provider does not accept Visa, file a paper claim
  • You can access your accounts on-line to view your account transactions

FSA Eligible & Ineligible Products and Services

Eligible_Dependent Care FSA_Expenses

Examples of eligible and ineligible expenses for Medical Costs.  Click on Health Savings Account blue box and use filter box to better define your search.
Examples of eligible and ineligible expenses for Dependent Care Costs    Click on Dependent Care FSA blue box and use filter box to better define your search.

Submit Claims Online

Register on The Consolidated Admin Services website. You will need to use your Social Security Number or Employee ID to register your account.

Upload Claims through the Portal, including setup Direct Deposit or use the Mobile App

Receipt Requirements

Save your receipts and be ready to present them if asked, even if you use your Bank Card. When receipts are requested, documentation must include the name of the provider; the name of the person for which the expense was incurred; the nature of the expense (to verify its necessity), and the date the expense was incurred. The best documentation to submit is a copy of your explanation of benefits that can be printed off of the provider website for medical, dental or vision claims.



Debit Visa

The Debit Visa eliminates the need for you to pay up front for qualified expenses and then wait for reimbursement from your Flexible Spending Accounts. You can also access your accounts on-line to check your balances and view a history of your personal transactions

All FSA participants will receive a Consolidated Admin Services Visa in the mail, and will be valid for 3 years.  Replacement Cards are $5.00 and will be deducted from your FSA Account.

Request a Dependent FSA card by returning this completed form

Plan Documents

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Summary of Benefits and Plan Highlight


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