Welcome New Hires

New Hire Enrollment

There are TWO sites to complete your New Hire Enrollment. There is one site to complete just your medical/state health enrollment and another site to complete your other offered benefits enrollment. Please follow the Instructions below on how to complete your New Hire enrollment for ALL Benefits offered to you.

1) Medical / State Health Benefit

In order to Enroll in Medical coverage, you will need to go to myshbpga.adp.com and register. Use the Registration Code: SHBP-GA. You have 31 Days from your Hire Date to make a medical election/enrollment.

  • Note: If you are a Transfer from another Georgia School District or other State of Georgia employer – You will continue with your current Medical enrollment until your next opportunity to make changes which is either your next Annual Open Enrollment period or within 31 days that you experience a Qualifying Event.

2) Other County Benefits

Complete your Enrollment in all other Heard County School System Benefits through the Benefits Enrollment Portal. You will need to register before you can log in, using the Company Code “heardco”. Once enrolled, your benefit costs will be loaded into the payroll system, the payroll prior to your effective date.

  • As a New Hire, some Benefit Coverage/Amounts are Guarantee Issue and some are at no cost to you. Guarantee Issue means there are no health questions, no medical exams and no underwriting required. You just elect the benefit and what guarantee issue amount you would like.

New Employee Information

Welcome to the Heard County School System. We hope your association with our schools will be a rewarding experience.

All School Board Policies can also be found on the school board website.

Employee Orientation

New Hire Benefits Orientations are scheduled in the Central Office. Please plan to attend one of the sessions to enroll in your Heard County Schools benefits. Benefits information, plan documents, certificates of coverage and rate calculators can be found at www.houze-benefits.org/heard.

Employee Benefits

Carefully read the information on each benefit offered before making your decision.

Benefits will be effective 1st day of the month following a full calendar month of enrollment. If you are hired/begin work on the first working day of the month (even if it is not the 1st), benefits will be effective the first day of the following month.

Outside of your New Hire Enrollment period, changes and new enrollments can only be made to Medical/State Health Benefit Plan during Annual Open Enrollment (October/November) or within 31 days of a qualifying event. All Heard County School System Sponsored benefits are enrolled in April/May with a July 1st effective date.