Benefits At a Glance

Employees can select a benefit equal to e 60% of pre-disability earnings. The maximum Long-term disability benefit payable is $5,000 per month.

Monthly Premiums

Age Rate per $100
of Salary
Under age 40 $0.18
40 thru 49 $0.43
50 thru 59 $0.53
60 and Over $0.63


There is a 90 days elimination period.  For an elimination period of 90 days, Voya will consider your disability to be continuous if your disability stops during the elimination period for 14 days or less. The benefit is payable to age 65 or normal social security retirement age as long as the employee continues to meet the definition of disability.

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Maximum Benefit Period

Age at Disability Benefit Period Age at Disability Benefit Period
less than 60 to age 65 65 24 months
60 60 months 66 21 months
61 48 months 67 18 months
62 42 months 68 15 months
63 36 months 69 and Over 12 months
64 30 months

Other Plan Details

Definition of Disabled Employee:  One who, because of an illness or injury, is unable to perform all the material duties of his/her regular occupation; and who, after receiving monthly benefits for 24 months, is unable to perform all the material duties of any occupation for which he/she may reasonably become qualified based on education, training or experience.  An employee engaged in any occupation for pay or profit is not considered to be disabled.

Integration of Benefits:  The benefit amount is reduced by other income payable for that same disability (Sick Bank, Sick Leave, Workers Compensation, other group disability insurance and employer or government retirement benefits, including Social Security and State Merit disability benefits).  However, the minimum monthly benefit is $100.

Retro Disability Benefit:  Pays a lump sum amount equal to the employee’s gross monthly benefit times the number of months in the elimination period if Total Disability requires continuous Hospital Confinement for at least 14 consecutive days at the onset of Total Disability.  Total Disability must remain continuous throughout the Elimination Period and the benefit is not subject to Other Income offsets.

Maternity Benefits:  Paid the same as for an illness.

Survivor Benefits:  If you are disabled for 90 days and a monthly benefit is payable at the time of your death, your survivor will receive a lump sum of 3 months benefit.


Benefits are not paid to a disabled employee who is not under the care of a licensed physician, or whose disability is the result of a self-inflicted injury, or an act or hazard of declared or undeclared war.  Disabilities caused by pre-existing conditions are not covered, unless (1) the insured is treatment free for 6 consecutive months on or after the effective date of coverage, or (2) the disability begins more than 12 months after the effective date of coverage.

Pre-existing Condition:  Any condition, including pregnancy, for which medical advice, care, diagnosis or treatment was recommended or received, or for which prescription drugs were taken, within 6 months before coverage begins.

Mental Illness, Alcoholism or Drug Abuse benefit:  A maximum of 24 months will be payable for disability, if you are not hospitalized.