Benefits at a Glance

Premiums are paid 100% by the Troup County Board of Education.

Board Paid Benefit Amount per employee is $25,000.


All employees are provide a $2500 life insurance policy while employed with Troup County Schools.

Additional Benefits

Accelerated Death Benefit – If an insured person is diagnosed with a terminal illness, as defined in your certificate, he/she may be eligible to request early payment of the life insurance in force.

Waiver of Premium – If you become totally and permanently disabled, according to the terms of your certificate, life insurance premiums may be

Portability – allows insureds to continue coverage if they terminate or retire, due to non-medical/disabilty.

Additional Lifestyle Benefits

Ochs Inc, through Securian Financial offers additional services at no cost to employees.  This is in addition to the Employee Assistance Program offered with Voya Financial.

Flyer of Available Support Options

There is no additional fee or enrollment for these resources. Just access them as you need them. Lifestyle Benefits are automatically available to active U.S. employees insured with Securian Financial. Your spouse and insurance-eligible children can also use these resources, even if they are not insured with us.

Plan Design

Life Plan Summary

The Ochs Benefit includes an equal amount of AD&D with following additional benefits:

Seat Belt 20% max of $20,000
Air Bag 10% max of $10,000
Coma 1% for 100 months
Dependent Education 5% up to 4 consecutive years to $5,000/yr. – spouse or child
Child Care 3%  up to 4 years to max of $3,000/yr.
Disapperarance Benefit Paid
Exposure Benefit Paid
Felonious Assault the lesser of 25% or $25,000
Repatriation the lesser of $5,000 or actual cost

Certificate of Coverage

Employee Certificate of Coverage – Minnesota Life/OCHS 1/1/2019 – 12/31/2023