Benefits at a Glance

Putnam County Schools implemented an insured Vision Insurance plan with Avesis. Employees are able to use Avesis as their provider for quality eye care services. The Avesis network consists of private practicing optometrists, ophthalmologists, opticians, and optical retailers. Their eye care professionals are looking forward to meeting your vision care needs.


Coverage July 1 2022 –
June 30 2024
Employee Only $7.30
Employee + 1 Dependent * $14.16
Employee + Family * $21.08

* Eligible dependents include children to age 26



Service: In-Network Out of Network
Exams $10 N/A
see reimbursements
Lenses &
$25 N/A
see reimbursements


Exams & Lenses every 12 months
Frames every 24 months
Contacts in lieu of Lenses every 12 months

Additional Vision Benefit

If you have SHBP as your medical plan, one eye examinations can be received every 24 months from an In-network healthcare provider’s office at no cost.

Vision Services

Getting an eye exam is beneficial to your health! – Getting an eye exam is more than just testing your vision. Eye exams can assist in the early detection of vision conditions and health conditions such as: Glaucoma, Diabetes, Cataracts, High Blood Pressure, and Astigmatism. That’s why it’s important to get an eye exam on a regular basis!  Children need eye exams, too! Did you know the American Optometric Association recommends that children receive an eye exam as early as six months of age? Our nationwide provider network will be happy to assist you in servicing your vision care needs.

This Plan is insured by:

Plan Summary / Rates

Summary Plan Description July 1, 2024 – includes Standard Scratch Resistant Coating, Ultra-Violet Screening, Solid or Gradient Tint and Standard Anti-Reflective Coating covered in full under the $25 materials copay when using an In-Network Provider.

Service Cost Out of Network
Exam Covered in full * up to $40
Lenses- Pair
Standard Single Covered in full * up to $40
Standard Bifocal Covered in full * up to $60
Standard Trifocal Covered in full * up to $80
Standard Lenticular Covered in full * up to $80
Progressive $75 to $100 up to $40
Specialty Lenses Set Rates see Summary corresponding standard
lens reimbursement
Lens Options Set Rates see Summary ** N/A
Frames* $50 wholesale
retail $100 – $150
$68 at Walmart)
up to $45
Contact Lenses In Lieu of Frames & Lenses
Elective $130 Allowance after
Avesis discount
up to $110
Medically Necessary Covered in Full * up to $250


Receiving your vision benefit is as easy as visiting your Avesis provider. Locate a local network provider. If you utilize a network provider you simply pay a co-pay for services and material, as indicated below. However, you can use a non-network provider and receive reimbursements as indicated below:

For on-line assistance or to locate other network providers go to