Benefits at a Glance

Benefits at a Glance – What is Short Term Disability

Employees have the option to choose between two STD Plans. Benefits will continue as long as continuously disabled, up to 26 weeks.


Monthly payroll deduction costs are based on employee’s age and earnings, as of July 1st. Premiums are adjusted annually for age and salary changes. Below are the rates per $10 of weekly benefit:

Age 15th Day 31st Day
< 39 $0.54 $0.43
40 – 54 $0.62 $0.50
55 – 64 $1.02 $0.81
> 65 $1.38 $1.10

Short Term Disability is insured by:

Plan Design

  • Plan A – Benefits begin the 15th day of disability due to sickness or accident or the 1st day of hospital confinement
  • Plan B – Benefits begin the 31st day of disability due to sickness or accident or the 1st day of hospital confinement

Employee Education Site – Short Term Disability


The benefit amount equals 60% of pre-disability earnings, up to a maximum benefit of $1,000 per week.

  • Employees working at least 20 hours per week are eligible
  • Benefits cannot be received in addition to any “sick leave” pay.
  • Maternity benefits are paid the same as for an illness.
  • Benefits are not paid for occupational illness or accident (i.e. on-the job).

Pre-existing Conditions

New enrollments are subject to a 3/6 pre-existing limitation only, no Health Questions or Evidence of Insurability requirements.

“Pre-existing condition” means any sickness or injury for which the insured person received treatment within 3 months prior to his or her effective date. A disability arising from any such sickness or injury will be covered only if it begins after an employee has performed his/her regular occupation on a full-time basis for 6 months following the coverage effective date.

Certificate of Coverage

Refer to the Certificate of Coverage for Exact Plan Details and Limitations