Benefits at a Glance

Employees can select this plan that provides 60% of pre-disability salary and will begin the 181st day of disability. The maximum monthly benefit is $5,000.

Benefits at a Glance- What is Long Term Disability– (starts on Page 3).

Employee Education Site – Long Term Disability


Monthly payroll deduction costs are based on employee’s age and earnings, as of July 1st of each year. Premiums are adjusted annually for age and salary changes. Below are the monthly rates per $100 of monthly earnings.

Age as of July 1st Rate Per $100 of Mo. Earnings
Less Than 30 $.10
30 thru 34 $.14
35 thru 39 $.22
40 thru 44 $.30
45 thru 49 $.42
50 thru 54 $.51
55 thru 59 $.60
60 & Over $.90


Progressive Disability Benefit

Progressive Disability Benefit will increase the payable LTD benefit an additional 10% if the disability causes the employee to be unable to perform two or more ”Activities of Daily Living” or suffers a Cognitive Impairment. 70% benefit, monthly maximum of $5,000

Survivor Benefit

Survivor Benefit If an employee dies after having been disabled for a minimum of 180 consecutive days and the employee was receiving a monthly benefit under the policy, VOYA will pay the eligible survivor a lump sum benefit equal to three times the employee’s last gross monthly LTD Benefit.

Benefit Offsets

Benefit Offsets Other deductible sources of income will reduce the LTD payable benefit. Those are benefits such as Social Security Disability, Workers Compensation, State Mandated Income Plans, other disabiltiy insurance, retirement benefits that are a result of disability.

Employee Assistance Plan

Employees who participate in either the Long-term or Short-term Disability plans can access the Voya Employee Assistance Program at no charge.

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This plan is insured by:

Plan Design

Maximum Benefit Period

If disability begins prior to age 60, benefits will continue as long as insured remains disabled up to age 65. If disability commences after age 60, the maximum benefit period starts reducing on the age at onset of disability. See the certificate for the schedule.


Plan Design

All employees working at least 20 hours per week are eligible to elect long-term disability benefits.

Pre-existing Condition

Pre-existing Condition Limitation for all new enrollments will be subject to a 3/12 pre-existing limitation only, no Health Questions or Evidence of Insurability requirements. A pre-existing condition is a sickness or injury for which the employee received treatment during the 3 months prior to his or her effective date.  ‘’Treatment’’ means consultation, care or services provided by a physician, including diagnostic measures and the prescription and/or taking of drugs and medicines will only be covered only if it begins after an employee has performed his/her regular occupation on a full-time basis for 12 months following the coverage effective date.

Certificate & Policy

Long Term Disability Certificate of Coverage for exact plan benefits and limitations.