Benefits At A Glance

The Short-term and Long Term Disability plans offer financial security if employees are personally disabled, but do not address the financial burden if a member of an employee’s immediate family is disabled requiring the employee to take a leave under the Family Medical Leave Act.


Members or participating employees who have exhausted their own leave time and who have been approved for leave under the FMLA can make application to the committee for additional days to be deducted from the “Leave Bank”.  Participating employees will not need to donate any other days until and unless the bank drops below a preset limit. Then all members would be requested to donate an additional day.


Review the Leave Bank Policy for details and provisions.


Members can opt out or in during each annual enrollment. Employees who are not already a member of the “Leave Bank,” can voluntarily enroll by agreeing to donate one (1) day of their sick leave to the Bank during Annual Enrollment. Membership does not require donating a day each year. Prior to Open Enrollment each year, the balance of days will be reviewed. If another day is needed, employees can choose to stay members or decline membership for that year.

New enrollees are required to donate a day to the sick leave bank.


A committee of Putnam County School System employees is established to administer the plan. The committee would also determine if and when additional days should be donated by members.