Benefits at a Glance

Hospital Indemnity Insurance pays a daily benefit if you have a covered stay in a hospital, critical care unit or rehabilitation facility. The benefit amount is determined by the type of facility and the number of days you stay.

Monthly Premiums

Tier $100 Daily Benefit $200 Daily Benefit $300 Daily Benefit
Employee $10.02 $18.79 $27.28
Employee & Spouse $18.03 $41.33 $60.01
Employee & Children $17.26 $41.55 $59.63
Family $25.27 $64.09 $92.36
  • Spouse coverage available if Employee elects coverage
  • Children (Unmarried to age 26) coverage available if Employee elects coverage

Plan Design

Guaranteed Issue: No medical questions or tests are required for coverage.

No Pre-Existing Limitations

Employees can use the benefit as they choose – for instance, to help offset co-pays, coinsurance or deductibles that may be tied to a hospitalization or lost time from work.

You can choose to purchase a daily benefit amount of $100, $200 or $300.


Benefit is portable, under age 70, at portability rates. Which means if you leave your current employer or retire, you can take the policy with you and select from a variety of payment plans.


The Plan includes an Admission Benefit, a Daily Hospital, Intensive/Critical Care Unit and Rehabilitation Benefit, and a Wellness Benefit. (Only One type of Facility Confinement or Admission Benefit is Payable per Day).

See Certificate of Coverage for additional details.

Wellness Benefit

Plan includes an Annual Wellness Benefit when a covered person has a health screening test and submits a wellness claim.

Additional Information

Certificate of Coverage

Hospital Certificate of Coverage