Benefits at a Glance

Employee Assistance Progam is available for all employees and family members.

ComPsych’s plan can:

  • Help individuals improve their emotional well being
  • Address personal, family, and life issues with the aim of increasing productivity in the workplace

Examples of issues the EAP can help resolve are:

  • Marital and family conflict
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Alcohol and drug abuse
  • Grief and loss
  • depression
  • Physical abuse
  • Eating disorders

Your Compsych®

Call: 877.533.2363
TDD: 800.697.0353
Your company Web ID: MY5848i

Key Features

  • 24/7 services via toll-free telephone line or email
  • Live, Masters-level clinicians answer toll-free number
  • Online access through GuidanceResources® Online
  • Worldwide network of licensed counselors provide coverage in U.S. and more than 100 countries
  • Manager consultations
  • Program communications and utilization reporting

This plan includes all the core features listed above, plus up to three face-to-face counseling sessions.

Advantages for Employees

  • Free – employer pays cost of EAP
  • Confidential: employees’ privacy is protected by ComPsych
  • Qualified counselors available 24/7 via toll-free telephone
  • Convenient access to resources that assist in resolving complex work and life issues


Employee Assistance Flyer

This plan is insured by VOYA Financial.


All full- and part-time employees and their immediate families are eligible to use the EAP immediately upon hire. No enrollment is necessary.

Additional Resources


  • Information and referrals in areas such as: child care, adoption, elder care, education, pet care and personal convenience services
  • Personalized attention and resources on all aspects of their work-life needs.


  • Immediate, confidential access to staff attorneys
  • Information and assistance for a broad range of legal issues
  • Unlimited telephonic and online access to legal information by licensed attorneys
  • Wide variety of no-cost legal options
  • Access to a credentialed nationwide network of lawyers for in-person consultation
  • Referral to lawyers in the community at discounted fees
  • Comprehensive legal resource database


  • Access to financial experts in many areas of money management and planning
  • Unlimited telephonic and online access
  • On-staff CPAs and other financial experts
  • Nationwide network of Certified Financial Planners
  • User-friendly online financial planning tools
  • Recommended books and articles

EstateGuidance® Will Preparation Services

  • Online tool helps adults write a valid last will and testament
  • Wills created are legally binding
  • Step-by-step online guidance
  • Definitions of legal terms and options


As a victim of identity theft, IDResources can help repair your credit and good name with tools such as:

  • Support from legal and financial professionals
  • Counseling to address emotional issues
  • Work-life assistance