Benefits at a Glance

Putnam County School employees have the option to select from two excellent Dental Insurance plans which are insured and administered by Delta Dental.

Employees can choose either the “High (Premier) Plan” or the “Low (Basic) Plan”. Benefits will be for the plan year running from July 1st to June 30th.

All dependents can be covered to age 26 regardless of student status.

Rates *

*Board of Education pays an additional $2.50 per month for each employee covered under the dental plan.

Elected Coverage High Option Low Option
Employee Only $38.37 $33.02
Employee & Spouse $73.97 $63.86
Employee & Children $96.13 $75.55
Family $130.56 $106.43

Note: Rates are based on who in your family you wish to enroll. Premiums are paid on a “pre-tax” basis


Summary of Benefits

The “High Option” plan pays 100% preventative, 80% basic services, 50% major & adult/child orthodontic.

The “Low Option” plan pays 100% preventative, 50% basic services, 50% major. Children can be covered to age 26.  A $50 per person deductible applies to all fees except preventative.

Plan Provisions

All eligible employees must choose between the High Plan, the Low Plan or choose to waive coverage. Whichever plan is chosen, the employee must remain in the same plan until the next Open Enrollment period.

BrushSmart Wellness Program

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Member Flyer

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Certificate of Coverage

Dental Certificate/EOC (both Low/High Options)

This plan is insured by:

Plan Design

Category Of Service High Option Low Option
PREVENTIVE PROCEDURES Cleanings, Exams, Space Maintainers, Fluoride for children {under age 16}, X-Rays, Sealants, other preventive procedures 100% 100%
BASIC PROCEDURES Fillings, Anesthesia, Oral Surgery, Other Procedures, Periodontal & Endodontic Services 80% 50%
MAJOR PROCEDURES Crowns, Dentures, Bridges, Onlays, Gum Disease, Other Services 50% 50%
ORTHODONTIA PROCEDURES Adult & Children to age 26 50%
$1,500 Lifetime
Not Covered
DEDUCTIBLE (no deductible for preventative/diagnostic)
Basic & Major, Per Contract Year (7/1 to 6/30)
Family $150
Family $150
PLAN YEAR MAXIMUMS $1,000 $1,000