Benefits At a Glance

Permanent individual life insurance coverage is available for each eligible employee, spouse and dependent children. Coverage is available on dependents, even if not elected on the employee.

Policies are completely portable and can be continued at the same level of benefits and at the same rate, even after retirement or termination of employment with Langdale.

Coverage is available on a guarantee issue basis for employees hired since the last Annual Enrollment.

Coverage Amounts

Employee Coverage

  • Guarantee Issue amounts available from $3 to $11 per week

Spouse Coverage

  • Conditional Guarantee Issue amounts available to $3 per week

Dependent Children Coverage

  • Coverage amounts up to $3/week Guarantee Issue, $5 week maximum amount.

Policies over Guarantee Issue / Conditional Guarantee Issue are eligible for “Simplified Issue”.

To Qualify, the applicant must answer no to the following questions

  • In the past 10 years, has a care provider or medical facility informed you that you have HIV infection or treated you for such infection?
  • Has spouse been admitted to a medical facility on an inpatient or outpatient basis or has spouse been disabled so as to prevent he/she from performing the normal duties of a person of like age, within the last 6 months?

​Should the employee, spouse or child answer “yes” to any of these questions, it does not mean they will not be issued.  A “yes” answer simply requires additional information to determine insurability of the applicant.

Long Term Care is also available as an additional rider to this policy

Plan Details

Polices are guaranteed to have premiums and death benefit to remain level. They do not change as you get older. Most financial planners agree that a well-rounded portfolio includes at least some permanent life insurance, such as Whole Life. Select coverage on yourself and/or your spouse.

Details of Life Insurance

Whole Life Brochure

Child/Grandchild Brochure

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