Benefits at a Glance

Employees can elect Disability Benefits that will begin on the 181st day of disability and continue to age 65, or until normal social security retirement age.

Rates and Monthly Payroll Deductions

Costs are based on employee’s age and earnings, as of July 1st. Premiums are adjusted annually for age and salary changes.

Below are the rates per $100 of covered payroll:

Age Rate per $100
monthly salary
< 35 $.13
35 – 39 $.26
40 – 44 $.36
45 – 49 $.45
50 – 54 $.59
55 – 59 $.70
60 and Over $.76


The benefit Payable is equal to 60% of the employee’s pre-disability earnings with a maximum monthly benefit of $5,000. LTD Benefit Highlights

Employee enrolled in the either Option will receive Additional Services from The Hartford including Ability Assist Counseling Services and Travel Assistance with ID Theft Protection.

Evidence of Insurability / Pre-existing Limitations

Employees who apply when first eligible are covered on a guarantee issue basis. All new coverage is subject to the “pre-existing condition” limitations described below. Employees enrolling as “late entrants” must submit evidence of insurability satisfactory to The Hartford.

Pre-existing Limitation: A Pre-existing Condition is an injury, sickness or pregnancy for which the employee, in the past three (3) months, before the effective date; received medical treatment, consultation, care, services, prescription medications or had medications prescribed. No benefits would be payable under the plan in connection with a disability that is due to a pre-existing condition unless the employee’s elimination period started after they were insured under the plan for twelve (12) consecutive months.

Certificate of Coverage

The following is the Summary Plan Description for all Plans with The Hartford.
Long Term Disability begins on page 39

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