Benefits at a Glance

Long Term Care provides a daily benefit to the policy holder if they are admitted in a nursing home or homebound with the loss of two or more “activities of daily living” or if you suffer a Severe Cognitive Impairment, (such as: Stroke, developing Alzheimer, etc.). Coverage available on employee, spouse and/or parents.  This is not a reimbursement plan, but an indemnity plan. Premium rates are based on your age at the time of application.

Long Term Care insurance protects your assets and dignity!

This plan is underwritten by Provident Life and Accident, a subsidiary of UnumProvident.

Refer to your policy contract for exact provisions and specifications.

Plan Design

Benefits Options

Choose a monthly benefit amount of $2,000, $3,000, $4,000, $5,000 or $6,000

Benefit duration of 3 years or 6 years can be selected.

An Optional 5% inflation rider can be added.

Employees can apply during annual Open Enrollment periods with a Benefits Counselor.  Employees hired since the prior Annual Enrollment Period have Guarantee Issue (unless previously declined).


Rate Calculator and Additional Information

You can find additional information and a rate calculator through the following link: Details/Rate Calculator
This will direct you to the Haralson County School’s Unum website for Long Term Care.

Required for Late Entrant Enrollment:  Enrollment Form, Application, Rate Disclosure, Worksheet

Information Documents: Outline of Coverage, Highlight Sheet, Buyers Guide, Medicare Disclosure, Replacement Notice, Medicare Guide