Benefits at a Glance

The Whole Life Policy has premiums and death benefits remaining level for the life of the contract – GUARANTEED. They do not change as you get older. When you retire or terminate employment with Haralson County Schools, you simply pay the same premium rate direct to the company rather than on payroll deductions.


Employee Coverage
Guaranteed Issue of $100,000 to age 50, $50,000 ages 51 – 80
Policies available to $200,000

Spouse Coverage
Conditional Issue* of $25,000, up to age 50, $10,000 ages 51 – 80
Policies available to $50,000

Dependent Children/Grandchildren Coverage
Guarantee Issue of $1 to $3/ week.

* For a spouse/child/grandchild to be eligible for conditional guaranteed issue, during the past 12 months, he/she must not have been hospitalized or treated, including medication, for an injury or sickness, excluding pregnancy, colds, flu and back problems.

Should the employee, spouse or child answer “yes” to any of these questions, it does not mean they will not be issued.  A “yes” answer simply requires additional information to determine insurability of the applicant.

Whole Life Insurance

Refer to your policy contract for exact provisions and specifications.  This plan is underwritten by Provident Life and Accident, a subsidiary of UnumProvident.

Whole life cash value accumulation paid up to 70 overview

Children’s whole life (money purchase) flyer

Premium Payment Options

  • Lifetime premium – Coverage continues as long as you pay your premiums.
  • Paid-up at 70 – Available when purchased between the ages 15 and 50. Adjusts the premium so that the policy is fully paid up when you turn 70.  All children/grandchildren polices will be issued using the paid-up at 70 option.

Coverage Levels and Guarantee Issue

Employees hired since the prior Annual Enrollment Period have Guarantee Issue and is only available when first offered. If you elect not to participate when you’re first eligible, satisfactory evidence of insurability will be required if you apply later.

Prior Life Insurance Plans

Employees who are currently enrolled can continue their Texas Life and/or Liberty National Life insurance policies on payroll deductions.

For information about existing Liberty National policies, call Corky Anderson at 770-834-2085.

For information about an existing Texas Life policies, call 800-283-9233

During Annual Enrollment, please complete the Universal Individual Policy Cancellation Request and provide it to a Benefits Counselor