Benefits at a Glance

Aflac is now offering the choice of a 10 Year, 20 Year or 30 Year Term Policy for employees.  Term Policies are designed to be inexpensive due to the “term” of coverage having an end date- after 10, 20 or 30 Years.  Rates are based on the issue age of the policy and will not increase as you get older, like traditional group term life coverage. If you leave employment/retire during the “term” elected, simply pay the same premium direct to Aflac.


Employee Coverage
Choose a benefit from $20,000 to $125,000 on a guarantee issue basis (if 35 applications are attained on the initial offer).
Coverage is available up to $500,000 with medical underwriting questions.

Coverage issue ages:
10YT        20YT         30YT
18 -70       18-60        18-50

Spouse Coverage
Add your spouse as a rider to the employee coverage with limited amounts.
$15,000 is Guarantee Issue, not to exceed 50% or $50,000

Brochure of Term Life Coverage

Premium Payment Options

Some of the reasons employees enroll for Term Life coverage is to payoff material items (ie car, home, own or child(ren’s) education, etc) or provide financial support during income earning years that would leave a burden on relatives if a premature death occurs.

Premiums are guaranteed for the selected term option

Lower premiums based on age and non-tobacco status

Certificate Renewal for 20-year or 30 year terms have an optional annual renewal feature

Advance Claim Payment of $5,000 in advance of the full death benefit to help with immediate needs

Accelerated Death Payment for a terminal illness of up to 50% of the face amount

Coverage Levels and Guarantee Issue

Employees hired since the prior Annual Enrollment Period have Guarantee Issue if the initial participation enrollment participation is met.

Guarantee Issue will only offered to employees once- initial enrollment or new hires at a later Annual Enrollment.

If you elect not to participate when you’re first eligible, satisfactory evidence of insurability will be required if you apply later.