Benefits at a Glance

Each full-time employee is provided Basic Group Life Insurance in the amount of $10,000. Premiums are paid 100% by the Haralson County Charter School System.

Benefit Life Highlight Sheet- The Hartford


Benefits reduce according to the following schedule:

At age 65 – To 65% of Original Amount
At age 70 – To 45% of Original Amount
At age 75 – To 30% of Original Amount
At age 80 – To 20% of Original Amount

Group coverage terminates upon termination of employment or retirement.
Conversion to an individual policy is available subject to contract guidelines.


Additional Benefits / Features

Includes an equal amount of Accidental Death and varying levels for Dismemberment.

Includes an Accelerated Death Benefit which allows you to receive a portion in the event of a terminal illness with life expectancy less than 12 months.

In case of permanent and total disability prior to age 60, premiums are waived and coverage is continued to age 65 or Normal Social Security Retirement Age.

A “waiver of premium” claim must be filed within one year from the last day worked.

Certificate of Coverage

The following is the Summary Plan Description for all Plans with The Hartford.
Group Life begins on page 68

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