Benefits at a Glance

If employees have elected supplemental life insurance, they may choose to purchase child(ren) supplemental life insurance coverage that will cover each child for one rate. Coverage is designed to protect your dependent children while you are an employee of Haralson County Schools.

If both parents are employees of Haralson, only one can apply for the dependent child coverage.

Plan Design

Life Benefit Highlight Sheet

Additional Information

The Employee must elect Supplemental Life Insurance in order to elect Dependent Child Group Life Insurance.

Conversion to an individual policy is available subject to contract guidelines.

Portability is also available subject to contract guidelines.

Options and Rates

Dependent Children – Unmarried Plan C
Child(ren) must be unmarried and their age must be at least 15 days but not yet 25 years to be covered. $10,000
Monthly Payroll Deduction Cost $1.38

Covers all eligible children in family for one family unit rate.

Evidence of Insurability / Guarantee Issue

No medical information is required with The Hartford.  $10,000 is issued on a Guarantee Issue basis.

However, if your dependent child(ren) is confined in a hospital or elsewhere because of disability on the date his or her insurance would normally have become effective, coverage (or an increase in coverage) will be deferred until that dependent is no longer confined and has performed all the normal activities of a healthy person of the same age for at least 15 consecutive days.