Benefits at a Glance

Employees can elect an Off the Job Accident Plan through Aflac Group.  The Aflac Group Accident plan provides cash benefits directly to you that help with out-of-pocket expenses – medical and nonmedical – associated with treatment in the event of a covered accident.

Monthly Rates

Employee Only $10.56
Employee and Spouse $17.60
Employee and Children $24.07
Family $31.11

The above premiums will be deducted PRE-TAX

Benefits Summary

Review the Benefits Summary including Limitations and Exclusions for additional information


Employees can continue the coverage once employment has terminated at Haralson by requesting to continue coverage.  Coverage request must be completed within 31 days of last day worked/premiums paid.

Details of the Plan

Schedule of Plan Benefits – Payable

Initial Accident Treatment

Emergency Room and Doctor Office. Including: Observation, Major Diagnostic Testing, ER Observation, Pain Management, Blood, Concussion, Coma, Burns, Dental Work, Eye Injuries, Dislocations, Lacerations, Fractures, Outpatient Surgery and Anesthesia, Inpatient Surgery and Anesthesia, and Transportation Benefits.


Admission, Confinement, ICU, Step Down Care, Family Member Lodging.

After Care

Appliances, Accident Follow-up Treatment, Post-Traumatic Stress, Rehabilitation Unit, Therapy, Chiropractic or Alternative Therapy.

Life Changing Event

Dismemberment, Paralysis, Prosthesis including Repair/Replacement, Residence/Vehicle Modification

Wellness Rider

$50 per covered insured, each calendar year.  NO Waiting Period!

Certificate of Coverage

Employees will receive personalized certificates of coverage with a unique certificate number. Certificates will be mailed to the Employee’s Home Address on the Application.