Benefits At a Glance

Genomic Life is a unique program that empowers individuals to identify their genetic risk in advance, and address the challenges presented when dealing with cancer.
The Genomic Life Program solves the problem of awareness, access, and affordability to services that can help enhance prevention and survival related to a cancer diagnosis.
These services are not typically made available or covered by health insurance.


Coverage Tier Retiree Retiree & Spouse
under age 50 $18.00 $36.00
50 – 64 $22.00 $44.00
65 – 74 $26.00 $52.00
75 – 84 $34.00 $68.00
85+ $42.00 $84.00

*Dependents under the age of 26 are automatically covered if the retiree elects coverage.

Services Include:

  • Hereditary Testing
  • Cancer Information Line
  • Second Opinion Pathology Review
  • Nurse Advocates
  • Financial Navigation
  • Clinical Trial Explorer
  • Ongoing Support for ANY Cancer
  • Secure Medical Records Platform

Advanced DNA Testing

The plan employs advanced DNA testing to determine hereditary risk before any cancer diagnosis. After a cancer diagnosis, Genomic Life utilizes comprehensive genomic profiling to determine precision treatment decisions.

Genomic Life also helps after a cancer diagnosis by providing support to help patients navigate through the medical and financial processes.


Onsite nurse advocates help patients review and understand the terminology and treatments that accompany a cancer diagnosis. They are available to answer questions, address concerns, and offer guidance and support.

Using the comprehensive genomic profiling, Genomic Life searches its up-to-the-minute database for clinical trials that fit patient profiles in order to offer treatment options and to help reduce the financial impact. The Navaigation platform helps patients and their families project expenses and identify possiible financial aid.

Genomic Life provides a secure medical records platform to help patients store and transmit medical records for any condition ant any time.

Materials for Members

Welcome Email with link to request your hereditary test kit. You will use your email address provided during enrollment.

Hereditary Screening Testing Process

Certificate of Coverage

Cancer Support Services

Carrier Screening


Genetic Health Screen

Additional Information

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