Retiree Association Benefits are not the same as Active Employee Benefits.

The Cobb County Retired Employee Association offers Dental, Vision and Genomic Life Plans to Retired Employees from Cobb County Government. These plans are sponsored through the CCREA. Retiree Association Benefits are not the same as Active Employee Benefits.


Premiums are deducted from Truist (formerly SunTrust) Pension Checks Monthly. If you do not receive a Trist Pension Check from Cobb County Government, Bank Draft is available through Houze & Associates, Inc. Monthly, Quarterly or Annual Bank Draft can be setup. Monthly Bank Draft occurs on the first working day of the month.

Enrollment Plan Year

The Plan Year is January – December for CCREA sponsored benefits.

Annual Enrollment is held the same two weeks each year. Enrollment begins on the Monday before the week of Thanksgiving and continues through the Monday after Thanksgiving each Fall.

There are two ways to enroll:

  1. Call the Call Center
    800-523-7135 Monday to Friday 9AM-4:30 PM
  2. Online
    Register your account  Company Identifier is “CobbCountyRetirees”
    LOGIN Link after Registration

If you do not want to make changes, you do not need to re-enroll each year. All elections or waived coverage will continue to the next Plan Year.

Have questions?

Please call the Houze office with any questions at 1-800-523-7135.

The information in this guide describes the benefit plans in general terms. This information is not intended to replace the legal plan documents, summary plan descriptions, group policies or certificates of coverage that describe specific benefits, limitations or exclusions.

For questions related to any of these benefit programs, please contact us at (800) 523-7135.

This information is provided by: HOUZE & ASSOCIATES, INC.