Benefits at a Glance

Employees have the option of selecting additional Life and AD&D coverage. Employees can choose one (1) to five (5) times earnings. Coverage is designed to protect you while you are an employee. If you retire or your employment ends, the coverage can be ported.


Biweekly Deduction
Per $1,000 of Coverage
under 29
30 – 34
35 – 39
40 – 44
45 – 49
50 – 54
55 – 59
60 – 64
65 – 69
70 and older

To calculate your Bi-Weekly payroll deduction costs, round your annual salary up to the next higher $1,000 increment, divide by 1,000 and multiply the results by the below rate corresponding to your attained age as of January 1st.

Example: Age 41 with salary of $23,500 ($24,000 / 1,000 = 24 X $.0964 = $2.31)

Payroll deduction will be adjusted due to salary change and age in January of each year.


Employees have the option of selecting additional Life and AD&D coverage. Employees can choose one (1) to five (5) times earnings.

Age Reductions

Personal Life and AD&D Insurance will be reduced as follows:
– At age 70, benefits will reduce by 35% of the original amount;
– At age 75, benefits will reduce an additional 15% of the original amount.
Benefits will terminate when you retire.

Evidence of Insurability

Starting 2024 with MetLife, employees during annual enrollment can enroll for up to (5) times earnings without EOI as long as the amount does not exceed $250,000. This provision applies to employees that have not been previously declined.

Once Enrolled, You have Access to MetLife AdvantagesSM —

Services to Help Navigate What Life May Bring

Services Included with Your Life Insurance

Grief Counseling

You, your dependents, and your beneficiaries have access to grief counseling1 sessions and funeral related concierge services to help cope with a loss — at no extra cost. Grief counseling services provide confidential and professional support during a difficult time to help address personal and funeral planning needs. At your time of need, you and your dependents have 24/7 access to a work/life counselor. You simply call a dedicated 24/7 toll-free number to speak with a licensed professional experienced in helping individuals who have suffered a loss. Sessions can either take place in-person or by phone. You can have up to five face-to-face grief counseling sessions per event to discuss any situation you perceive as a major loss, including but not limited to death, bankruptcy, divorce, terminal illness, or losing a pet.1 In addition, you have access to funeral assistance for locating funeral homes and cemetery options, obtaining funeral cost estimates and comparisons, and more.

You can access these services by calling 1-888-319-7819 or log on to  (Username: metlifeassist; Password: support).
Download this helpful Funeral Planning Guide at

Funeral Discounts and Planning Services – Ensuring your final wishes are honored

As a MetLife group life policyholder, you and your family may have access to funeral discounts, planning and support to help honor a loved one’s life — at no additional cost to you. Dignity Memorial provides you and your loved ones access to discounts of up to 10% off of funeral, cremation and cemetery services through the largest network of funeral homes and cemeteries in the United States. When using a Dignity Memorial Network you have access to convenient planning services:

Online at, by phone (1-866-853-0954), or by paper — to help make final wishes easier to manage.

You also have access to assistance from compassionate funeral planning experts to help guide you.

Beneficiary Claim Assistance – For support when beneficiaries need it most

This program is designed to help beneficiaries sort through the details and serious questions about claims and financial needs during a difficult time. MetLife has arranged for specially trained third party financial professionals to be available for assistance in-person or by telephone to help with filing life insurance claims, government benefits and help with financial questions. Additionally, you can access a web service to offer you a private, online solution to work, life and health challenges.

Life Settlement Account – For immediate access to death proceeds

The Total Control Account® (TCA) settlement option provides your loved ones with a safe and convenient way to manage the proceeds of a life or accidental death and dismemberment claim payments of $5,000 or more, backed by the financial strength and claims paying ability of Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. TCA death claim payments relieve beneficiaries of the need to make immediate decisions about what to do with a lump-sum check and enable them to have the flexibility to access funds as needed while earning a guaranteed minimum interest rate on the proceeds as they assess their financial situations. Call 1-800-638-7283 for more information about options available to you.

Travel Assistance

A travel assistance benefit is available when you enroll in MetLife’s AD&D coverage
Travel assistance services, offered on your AD&D coverage, offers you and your family access to emergency services while you travel, plus the advantage of concierge assistance for personal and work-related travel and entertainment requests. This service provides you and your dependents with medical, legal, transportation and financial assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year when you are more than 100 miles away from home. Our travel assistance program offers worldwide telemedicine consultations12 when non-urgent medical care is needed. It also offers a dedicated travel portal – making it easy to connect when it matters most. You also have access to political and natural disaster evacuation services. Please visit the AXA website for more information.

Estate Planning Services – To help ensure your decisions are carried out

When you enroll for supplemental term life coverage, you will automatically receive access to Estate Planning Services at no extra cost to you. Estate Planning Service offers unlimited access to complete wills and other important estate planning documents quickly and easily online with access to online notary services, or work one-on-one with a MetLife Legal Plans’ attorney, in-person or on the phone, to prepare or update a will, living will, or power of attorney.

Visit to get started.

Will Preparation – To help ensure your decisions are carried out

When you enroll for supplemental term life coverage, you will automatically receive access to Will Preparation Services at no extra cost to you. Both you and your spouse will have unlimited in-person or telephone access to one of MetLife Legal Plans, Inc nationwide network of 18,000+ participating attorneys for preparation of or updating a will, living will or power of attorney.* When you use a participating plan attorney, there will be no charge for the services.* Like life insurance, a carefully prepared will (simple or complex), living will and power of attorney are important.
* A will lets you define your most important decisions, such as who will care for your children or inherit your property.
* A living will ensures your wishes are carried out and protects your loved ones from having to make very difficult and personal medical decisions by themselves. Also called an “advanced directive,” it is a document authorized by statutes in all states that allows you to provide written instructions regarding use of extraordinary life-support measures and to appoint someone as your proxy or representative to make decisions on maintaining extraordinary life-support if you should become incapacitated and unable to communicate your wishes.
* Powers of attorney allow you to plan ahead by designating someone you know and trust to act on your behalf in the event of unexpected occurrences or if you become incapacitated.

Visit to get started.
Note: You also have the flexibility of using an attorney who is not participating in the MetLife Legal Plans, Inc. network and being
reimbursed for covered services according to a set fee schedule. In that case you will be responsible for any attorney’s fees that
exceed the reimbursed amount.

Estate Resolution Services (ERS)

Personal service and compassion assistance to help probate your and your spouse’s estates MetLife Estate Resolution ServicesSM provides probate services in person or over the phone to the representative (executor or administrator) of the deceased employee’s estate and the estate of the employee’s spouse.  Estate Resolution Services include: preparation of documents and representation at court proceedings needed to transfer the probate assets from the estate to the heirs and completion of correspondence necessary to transfer non-probate assets. ERS covers participating plan attorneys’ fees for telephone and face-to-face consultations or for the administrator or executor to discuss general questions about the probate process. – Self-service online legal document preparation

Employees and spouses have access to, an online document service to prepare and update a will, living will, power of attorney, funeral directive, memorandum of wishes or HIPAA authorization form in a secure 24/7 environment at no additional cost.
This service is available with all life coverages.

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Life Claims must be initiated by the Employer.

Please contact Cobb County Benefits/HR or your County Department Rep for assistance.