Benefits At a Glance

Part Time Employees have a single Dental Plan with United Concordia.


Definition of Part Time includes: non-seasonal and scheduled to work the entire year with 29 hours/week.

PT Dental Rates


Coverage Tier Bi-Weekly Rates
Employee Only $17.05
Employee + 1 $31.64
Family $50.71


Plan Design

Concordia Flex is a passive PPO program that allows members to receive care from any licensed dentist; however, members receive the greatest value and convenience when they receive care from a participating dentist. This means that members who receive care from a participating dentist are responsible only for those deductibles and coinsurance amounts that are part of the program design.

See flyer for details

Provider Locator

The Concordia Flex Plan uses the Alliance Network.  Provider Search

Reminder: Out-of-Network Providers can be utilized but with the chance of the Dentist balance billing.

Certificate of Coverage

See Employee Certificate for exact plan details, limitations and coverage