Benefits At a Glance

Cobb County Government provides Long Term Disability to full time employees.  The plan provides a monthly benefit for employees that are deemed disabled due to accident or sickness and cannot work.

Buy-Up Option

Employees can choose to Buy-Up an additional 10% to insure their disability income to 70% of monthly earnings.

The additional 10% will be added to the 60% Base Plan.

Buy-Up Rate

Employee Paid cost for the Buy-Up is $0.163 per $100 of salary

Example: Bi-Weekly salary of $1,050 divided by 100 X $.163= $1.71

Benefit Amount

The Monthly Benefit equals 60% of earnings at the time of disability, to a maximum of $10,000 per month benefit.

Elimination Period

There is an elimination period of six (6) months (waiting period) before benefits will begin.

Benefit Period

The benefit period is to age 65 or normal social security retirement age (SSNRA).

Adjustments due to salary changes or age changes are made annually in January- the Anniversary Date (i.e. first annual deduction).

Off Sets

The benefit amount is reduced by other income payable for that same disability (Workers’ Compensation, other group disability insurance and employer or government retirement benefits, including Social Security and other disability benefits).  However, the minimum monthly benefit is $100 or 10% of the insured employee’s benefit, whichever is greater.

Evidence of Insurability

New Hires can elect the Core-Plus Buy-up without EOI. Employees will be subject to the Pre-existing limitation below.

In subsequent enrollment periods, employees will need to provide proof of good health, and will be subject to the Pre-existing limitation below.

Pre-Existing Limitation

Employees will have a 3/12 pre-existing limitation. Any condition resulting in a disability where medication was taken, treatment was sought or advice was requested 3 months prior to the coverage effective date will not be covered for 12 continuous months.


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