Benefits At a Glance

Full Time Employees of Cobb County are provided Dental Coverage. The plan is a passive PPO Plan which means employees are not required to use a dentist in the network; however, the out of pocket costs will be less with no balance billing if treatment is sought by a Network Provider. Delta Dental is the Dental Provider.

$1500 Annual Maximum.


Active full-time employees, their spouses, and dependent children to age 26 regardless of student status are eligible for coverage.

Dental Rates

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Employee Only * $0.00 Biweekly
Family Coverage $24.77 Biweekly

*Paid by Cobb County

Delta Dental Plan Information

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Dental Plan Benefits Overview

Orthodontic Treatments and FAQs about benefits under Delta Dental

Finding a Dentist- Website or Mobile

Cost Estimator – Real-time comparison of costs by area providers, including your personalized plan infomation

SmileWay Wellness – expanded coverage if you have been diagnosed with diabetes, heart disease, HIV/AIDS, rheumatoid arthritis or stroke.

Provider Locator

The Plan is a Passive PPO meaning any provider can be utilized, but a network provider will not balance bill and will have lower out of pocket costs for services.

Visit the online directory at:  Select Delta Dental PPO network in the “Find a Dentist” box on the home page to search for Delta Dental dentists anywhere.

Provider Locator for Delta Dental Network Benefits

Option to Continue Coverage

Coverage for employees and dependents may be continued under COBRA regulations if eligibility ends due to a change in the employee’s employment status, other than retirement. Dependents may also elect COBRA to continue coverage if their eligibility ends due to divorce or reaching the plan’s age limit.