Benefits At a Glance

Policy pays $7,500 first occurrence benefit for employee & spouse and $10,000 for dependent children (lifetime maximum).A $500 First Occurrence Building Benefit.
Subsequent Event Benefit $3,500 with no lifetime maximum, Coronary Angioplasty $1,000/lifetime, Hospital Confinement $300/day and Continuing Care Benefits $125/day.
Ambulance, Transportation and Lodging Benefits.


Biweekly Rates Base Plan rates are listed below that include the initial occurrence building benefit.

Individual  Insured/
One Parent
Two Parent
18 – 35 $5.40 $8.34 $5.94 $9.36
36 – 45  $8.70 $14.28 $9.06 $15.48
46 – 55 $11.70 $20.16 $12.06  $21.54
56 – 70 $15.18 $27.84 $15.60 $29.52

Plan Details

Specified Health Events include:

Heart Attack Coma
Stroke Paralysis
Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery (CABG) Major Human Organ Transplant
Sudden Cardiac Arrest End-Stage Renal Failure
Third-Degree Burns Persistent Vegetative State

This is for Georgia residents only and is for summary purposes only.


Claims can be filed online through Aflac Policy Holder Services. You must setup an account to view policy information and file claims. Wellness Claims filed by 3PM will be processed the following day with Aflac One Day Pay!

Instructions for Online Filing and Direct Deposit

Claims Checklist

Additional Information / Claims


Aflac Customer Support: 1800-99-AFLAC (800-992-3522)
Houze & Associates, Inc.: 1-880-523-7135 or 706-882-2864