Benefits At a Glance

Employees of Cobb County can apply for a Cancer Care Plan with AFLAC.  And with AFLAC’s cancer policy, employees can choose the type of coverage you want and pay for it through the convenience of payroll deduction. Because premiums are paid on a pre-tax basis, this saves even more tax dollars. Moreover, the policy pays benefits regardless of any other insurance you may have. Benefits are paid direct to employees, unless otherwise assigned.


Option 1 Option 2
Employee $10.40 Employee $18.21
1 Parent Family $10.82 One Parent Family $18.63
Employee/Spouse $18.65 Employee/Spouse $33.09
Two Parent Family $19.07 Two Parent Family $33.51

Current Plan – Cancer Protection and Assurance

Employee can choose between two levels of the Cancer Protection Assurance Plans. Each provides varying levels of benefits for the covered insureds.

Side by Side Comparison

Both plans include a $500 Annual Building Benefit Rider and if covering children, include an additional $10,000/child for a first occurrence benefit Rider.


Option 1 – Brochure Option 2 – Brochure
Brochure includes outline of coverage Brochure includes outline of coverage

Prior Cancer Plan Information

The following information is for informational purposes only:



Comparison of Plans and Payments


Claims can be filed online through Aflac Policy Holder Services. You must setup an account to view policy information and file claims. Wellness Claims filed by 3PM will be processed the following day with Aflac One Day Pay!

Instructions for Online Filing and Direct Deposit

Claims Checklist

Additional Information / Claims


Aflac Customer Support: 1800-99-AFLAC (800-992-3522)
Houze & Associates, Inc.: 1-880-523-7135 or 706-882-2864