Benefits At a Glance

Benefits are paid direct to employees for on/off the job accidents that occur. Employees can choose to cover spouse/children as well.

Cobb County Government is rated an “A” class for this policy, meaning that accident rates are the lowest available for employees to obtain Accident Insurance Coverage.


Coverage Rate
Employee Only $10.14
Employee and Spouse $14.40
One Parent Family $17.04
Two Parent Family $22.08

Plan Details

Cobb County enrolls Accident Advantage Option3.

A brief Accident Summary of Benefits are:

Emergency Room
Accident Treatment
$200 – ER with X-Ray
$200 – ER without X-Ray
Doctor Office or Other Facility Accident Treatment $200 – with X-Ray
$200 – without X-Ray
Initial Hospitalization $1,000 up to 18 hours
$2,000 admitted directly to ICU
Confinement in the Hospital $250/day up to 365 days
Intensive Care Unit Additional $400/day for 15 days
Ambulance Benefit $200 ground or $1,500 air
Blood/Plasma/Platelets $200 per accident
Major Diagnostic Testing and Imaging $200/calendar year
Accident Follow-up $35/day up to 6 treatments
Therapy $35/day up to 10 treatments
Appliances Variable $25 to $300
Prosthesis $800 per accident
Prosthesis Repair/Replace $800/lifetime
Rehabilitation Facility $150/day
Home Modification $3,000 per accident
Accident Specific Sum Injury Variable $35 to $12,500
Accidental Death $10,000 Insured/Spouse ($5,000 Child)Hazardous Activity
$50,000 Insured/Spouse ($12,500 Child) Other Accident
$150,000 Insured/Spouse ($25,000 Child) Common-Carrier
Accidental Dismemberment Variable $300 to $40,000
Wellness Benefit $90 per year
Family Support $20/day up to 30 days
Organized Sporting Event Additional 25% of the benefit payable to $1,000/year
Transportation $600/round trip/3 years
Family Lodging $125/night up to 30 days

This information is for Georgia Residents and for illustration purposes only.

Please refer to your Outline of Coverage within the brochure or your policy for specific details.


Level 2: Series A35000

Individual (18-64) $9.96
Husband/Wife $14.10
One Parent Family $16.14
Two Parent Family $21.00

Added Children have a $120/Emergency Room Benefit
Added X-Ray Benefit of $25/per ER Treatment
Epidural Pain Management Benefit of $100 (max 2/year)
Accidental Death Benefit included for Hazardous Activities (previously excluded)

Level 2: Series A 34000

Individual (18-64) $8.95
Husband/Wife $12.69
One Parent Family $14.82
Two Parent Family $18.78


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