Welcome to the Calhoun City Schools Employee Benefits Portal. Please take time to review the information contained on this site to better understand the benefits that are offered to you. Click the links above for specific plan information, rates and certificates of coverage.

2023 Plan Year Benefits

Two Places to View your Benefits:

Calhoun City Schools Benefits: LOGIN
State Health: mySHBPga.adp.com

To review benefit elections, follow these steps

2023 State Health Benefit

January 1st through December 31st

You can review your State Health Elections through mySHBPga.adp.com or dch.georgia.gov/shbp

Welcome new employees!

See the New Hire Page for Enrollment Instructions for both Calhoun City Schools benefits and State Health Medical Plan Enrollment through the ADP Portal.

Retirement or Leaving Calhoun City Schools?

HEB_Newsletter-RetireeEdition2023 for potential retirees with information on medical, dental, vision and Medicare Advantage plans in retirement.

Termination Notice for all employees – includes instructions for continuation of coverage.

Take along Dental Plan offered through Houze & Associates for any terminating employee – Coverage that will not expire!